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InfiRay Jerry-31

InfiRay Jerry-31

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Introducing the InfiRay Jerry-31 Night Vision Binoculars: a groundbreaking addition to our lineup, celebrated for its compact design, lightweight construction, and affordability. The Jerry-31 stands out with its exclusive proprietary lenses, contributing to its reduced size and weight. However, unlike the 1431 model, which can be upgraded with a UANVB Katana housing, the Jerry-31's design does not support such interchangeable upgrades.

Despite its lower price point, the InfiRay Jerry-31 delivers remarkable performance, though it may not match the optical clarity and performance of units equipped with Milspec, RPO, or ARGUS LW lenses. 

We recommend the InfiRay Jerry-31 for budget-conscious users who seek a reliable night vision solution without the premium cost. 

To further enhance affordability, we offer these binoculars with NNVT-4 1400-1600FOM image intensifier tubes, providing an excellent balance of cost and functionality. 

Choose the InfiRay Jerry-31 Night Vision Binoculars for an economical yet dependable night vision experience.

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Material: Polymer Housing with Aluminum Dovetail

Tube Type: NNVT MX-10160 White Phosphor 3-Pin Tube (Manual Gain)

Figure of Merit (FOM) SNR x LP/mm: NNVT-4 (1400-1600 FOM)

Weight: 481g

Power Supply: AA Onboard power, optional external battery via 7-pin Fischer port

Runtime: 20 hours, up to 80 hours with offboard battery

Lenses: InfiRay Ultra Low Profile Lenses

Field of View: 40º

Diopter: Adjustable +2 to -6

Water and Dust Rating: IP67

Mount Style: Custom CHS Dovetail

Onboard IR Illuminator: Yes


1400-1600 FOM White Phosphor Intensifiers

Manual Gain

Individual pod shut-off when rolled out of view (can be disabled)

Unit auto-off when stowed vertically (can be disabled)

Built-in IR illuminator and low battery indicator

User-adjustable pod tension via two Philips #1 screws on rear of unit

Interpupillary Distance (IPD) stops

Remote battery capability with Jerry battery pack (sold separately)

Adjustable focus and eyepiece diopters

Built-in rubber day/dust lens covers

Uses common AA batteries

Waterproof to 1 meter

Comes with padded carry case

Built-in brackets for JerryC Clip-On Thermal Imagers

Individual Pod Power Off: Programmable, Yes when rotated to side and when unit is rotated up

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