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BNVD Dual Fischer Head Cable

BNVD Dual Fischer Head Cable

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Introducing The BNVD Dual Fischer Head Cable for PVS-31, BNVD, GPNVG18 BNVS, Argus BNVD1431 / BNVD1531 / BNVD31 / BNVD931, RNVG, and PSQ-36 FGE Night Vision Monoculars, equipped with a Fischer 4-pin connector. Designed to draw power from the ARGUS USBP battery box with a Fischer 4-pin connector, this cable is not compatible with the ANVIS Lemo 4-pin battery pack. 

The BNVD Dual FISCHER Head Cable facilitates a seamless connection between the Argus Universal Battery Pack and Argus Night Vision Devices. With 90-degree right-angle Fischer 4 Pin Male connectors on both ends, this cable ensures straightforward attachment while enhancing cable management for the user. Crafted with a flexible design, it measures 25 inches (64 cm) in length, providing the perfect balance of reach and maneuverability. 

Black plated for durability and sleek appearance, this cable is an essential accessory for ensuring reliable power connectivity for your night vision equipment.

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A 90-degree Fischer 4 Pin connector for seamless connection to the ARGUS USBP battery box. Durable, flexible, and easy to use.

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