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ARGUS A4 LWNVM (Light Weight Night Vision Mount)

ARGUS A4 LWNVM (Light Weight Night Vision Mount)

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Presenting the ARGUS A4 Mount, formally known as the LWNVM Lightweight Night Vision Mount, a pivotal accessory tailored for individual night vision gear, emphasizing durability, excellence, and user-centric design efficiency. Engineered to lighten the load of headgear-mounted night vision devices, this mount ensures user safety and maintains agility and reliability.

Designed with a stealthy profile, the LWNVM mount achieves a minimized presence on the helmet by folding closely, thus optimizing the gear’s centre of mass. Its user-friendly design facilitates single-handed usage and exact alignment with the eyes. The mount also incorporates an automatic disengagement mechanism that activates under excessive stress, safeguarding against entanglement with parachute lines or obstructions, thereby enhancing safety during airborne operations and active movements, and mitigating the risk of cervical injuries.

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The Argus A4 mount weights only 140grams making it a lightweight night vision mount.

NVG Compatibility

This mount is compatible with any night vision device that has a standard Wilcox pattern dovetail interface. It is NOT compatible with bayonet mounting systems.

Helmet Compatibility

Compatible with all fast helmet bases.

Breakaway Feature

This device comes with a safety breakaway feature to minimize neck injury risk.


This item comes with 12-month warranty. If there are any issues with this period please contact us.

Tactical helmet accessories and combat helmet equipment for protection.

A unique alternative that provides you with the same capabilities. Secure yours Argus A4 mount today.

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