Night Vision Devices Warranty

Aegis Collective is happy to provide a three-year warranty on our night vision products from the date you receive them. This warranty covers any issues with materials and craftsmanship during normal use. Please note, the warranty is for the original buyer and starts from the date of purchase.

If your product has a defect within this period, we’re here to help! Aegis Collective will either repair or replace your item, depending on what’s needed. Rest assured, resolving the issue will be our priority.

Remember, you’ll need to send the product back to us for service. The shipping costs for sending and returning the item will be your responsibility, unless we tell you otherwise.

However, there are a few situations where the warranty doesn’t apply:

  •  If the product is used incorrectly or for unintended purposes.
  • If there's damage from misuse, unauthorized alterations, or repairs.
  • If the product is no longer available due to discontinuation and we can’t get parts or replacements.
  • If the product is used in unapproved housings.
  • For normal wear and tear, or damage from mishandling, abuse, improper storage, or using with incompatible or low-quality equipment

Also, using the product in bright light conditions, like daylight, can cause damage that isn’t covered by the warranty. This is especially important for Auto-gated Image Intensifier Tubes, which are designed for night use.

We want to ensure you have the best experience with our products, so please follow the usage and maintenance guidelines to keep your warranty valid. This warranty is exclusive and supersedes all other warranties for this product, including but not limited to any statutory, expressed, or implied warranties, particularly those of merchantability or fitness for a specific purpose.


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