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Firefly Marker Device - 4PK

Firefly Marker Device - 4PK

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The Firefly Marker Device is perfect for night-time operations, seamlessly attaching to helmets and gear to enhance tactical efficiency with superior night vision compatibility. Its compact, single-use design and effortless single-button operation make it incredibly convenient to use.

Key Features:

  • User-Friendly Design: Effortless single-button operation ensures ease of use in any situation.
  • Versatile Attachment: Securely attaches to helmets, gear, and K9 vests, offering adaptability in various environments.
  • Dual Lighting Modes: Features both dynamic strobe and solid lighting modes, streamlining efficient use for area marking and friendly identification.
  • Enhanced Safety: Designed for enhancing safety and effective signalling, ideal for critical situations.

Enhance your tactical operations with the Firefly Marker Device, designed for high-impact usage and reliable performance. Equip yourself with the best and ensure your safety and efficiency in every mission.

Please note: this purchase includes a pack of four, each with a distinct lighting code:

- Red 🔴
- Blue 🔵
- Green 🟢
- IR ⭕

*This is a single-use disposable device. 

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IPX8 Water Rated: can be submerged for 30 minutes up to 1.5 meters in depth allowing you to take this device with you anywhere and adapt to ever changing environments.

Mounting and Attachment

The device is designed to be attached to the operators bump or ballistic helmet. There is also a soft Velcro pad included so it can be attached to bare surfaces on helmets without hook and loop.


The Firefly Marker Device has an impressive battery life of 80 hours. Please note that this device is a disposable single use device only.


Size: 45mm x 50mm x 18mm

The device is designed to be compact, enabling seamless attachment to your combat helmet or hook-and-loop surface without interference.

Lighting Modes and Switching

The Firefly Marker Device has two lighting modes that are:

  • Low Powered: Flash, Steady and Visible
  • High Powered: Flash, Steady and Visible

Each device features a toggle operation, allowing the user to cycle through the desired lighting functions. To turn off the device, simply hold down the power button.

Warranty (please read prior to purchase)

This device is designed for single-use only. Upon receiving your package, please test all devices immediately. If you encounter any faulty units, contact us within 48 hours, providing a video or image of the issue, so we can promptly address it. As a single-use product, the Firefly Marker Device is covered under a separate warranty policy.

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The Firefly Marker Device seamlessly integrates with combat helmets, offering a disposable lighting solution for enhanced friendly identification. This ensures quick and efficient ally recognition in low-light or night-time operations, reducing friendly fire risks and improving mission safety.

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