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MERC9 IR Device

MERC9 IR Device

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The MERC9 Device is a multi-purpose IR (Infrared) marking beacon tailored for tactical operations, providing comprehensive IR (infrared) illumination and combat ID marking. Compact and lightweight, it’s engineered for peak performance with six user-selectable illumination modes, including IR (infrared) and visible light, powered by a single AA battery.

Key Features:

  • IR (Infrared) Capability: Features both IR (infrared) and visible lighting modes to suit multiple tactical scenarios and situations.
  • User-Friendly Design: Intuitive slide control switches allow for one-handed, glove-compatible operation, ensuring ease of use in the field.
  • Safety and Battery Management: Includes a safety feature to prevent accidental activation and a low power indicator to manage battery life efficiently.
  • Durable Construction: High-impact plastic housing and sealed electronics provide robustness against harsh conditions and chemical exposure.
  • Secure Attachment: Equipped with an integrated locking clip and Flex Mount for secure attachment to combat helmets or K9 gear.

Perfect for the modern battlefield, the MERC9 merges strategic IR (infrared) lighting capabilities with a durable design, making it indispensable for military, law enforcement, and search and rescue missions. Equip yourself with the best and secure the IR (infrared) advantage today!

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IPX8 Water Rated: can be submerged for 30 minutes up to 1.5 meters in depth allowing you to take this device with you anywhere and adapt to ever changing environments.

Mounting and Accessories

The device is designed to be attached to the operators bump or ballistic helmet. There is also a soft Velcro pad included so it can be attached to bare surfaces on helmets without hook and loop.

The device can be removed from the frame and can be mounted to other fixtures such as Molle however it is primarily an IR device for bump or ballistic helmets.


The MERC9 device is battery operated by a single AA Alkaline, Lithium, or Rechargeable Battery. Battery is not included in the package. The device is designed to be battery operated as during military operations having access to a charging port may be difficult hence battery powered was favored.

Battery Life:

  • 80 Hours High Powered Flash Mode
  • 8 Hours High Powered Constant
  • 8 Hours High Powered IR Mode

Size and Weight

Size: 94mm x 72.5mm x 40mm

Weight: The device weights only 107grams (with battery inserted) allowing it to be lightweight so it can be attached to either a bump or ballistic helmet without too much extra weight.

Lighting Modes and Switching

The MERC9 device has six lighting modes that are:

  • Low Powered: IR Flash, IR Steady and Visible
  • High Powered: IR Flash, IR Steady and Visible

Lighting modes can be toggled by Two Snap-Action Slide Switches for power and mode. The device also comes with a front switch for visible mode lockout to prevent activation of visible mode depending on mission requirements.

Wavelengths and Coverage


  • Infrared 880nm (nanometers)
  • White 5000K (degrees of Kelvin)


  • 360 x 210 degrees


This devices comes with 12-month warranty. If you encounter any issues with this device during this period please contact us and we're more than happy to guide you through the warranty and replacement process. Alternatively you can find out more about our warranty via our store links located at the bottom of our website.

This device integrates both visible and infrared (IR) lighting functionalities into a single, sophisticated unit with easy attachment to helmets and/or K9 Harnesses.

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