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Introducing the BNVD-1431 MK2, a cutting-edge binocular night vision device designed for elite law enforcement and special operation units. Utilizing standard MX-10160 18mm image intensifier tubes and adaptable for MX-11769 tubes, this versatile device can be handheld or mounted. Its optical pods flip 140° sidewards, adapting to varying light conditions with ease. 

The BNVD-1431 MK2 features a unique built-in gravity sensor, automatically powering on and off based on its position, preventing light exposure and tube damage. Equipped with auto-gating technology, it swiftly adjusts image brightness, protecting against sudden flashes and enabling immediate response without removal.

Constructed from special fiber-enhanced polymer, the BNVD-1431 MK2 is high-strength, high-modulus, and fire-resistant, ensuring durability in harsh conditions. It offers over 15 hours of operation on a standard AA battery, extendable to 50+ hours with an external battery pack (sold separately). 

Compatible with US military standard PVS-14 lenses and various commercial lenses, the BNVD-1431 MK2 provides flexibility to meet diverse operational demands. Elevate your situational awareness and performance with the BNVD-1431 MK2, the ultimate night vision solution for professionals.

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Dimensions: 5.0″ (L) x 5.0″ (W) x 3.0″ (H)

Weight: 500g-580g (varies according to lens choice)

Color: Black

Tube Options: Gen2+ or Gen3 18mm image intensifier tube (White Phosphor or Green Phosphor)

Field of View (FOV): 40° ± 2°

Magnification: 1.0x

Waterproof: IP68

Eyepiece Diameter: 26mm

Flipping Angle of Pods: 140°

Gain: Adjustable/Variable according to tube options

Mount Standard: Standard Wilcox dovetail, quick & easy removal

Environmental Durability:


Battery Life:


Power Saving Design: Automatically goes dormant and powers off tubes when still for a long time; reactivates upon sensing movement. Indicator light in pods signals low power.

Built-in Gravity Sensor: Automatically shuts down when flipped up with any helmet or head mount. This function operates independently of magnetic switches or special modifications.

Programmable One-Hand Interface: All electronic functions controlled by a central chip with a single button. Flip-up shutdown and dormancy can be deactivated by pressing the button five times. The gravity sensor can be disabled for activities like military free fall, diving, or rappelling to prevent unwanted power cuts.

Red Light Indicator: Indicates low power or deactivated functions.

Durable Housing: Made from special fiber-enhanced polymer for high strength, high modulus, and fire resistance. Compatible with all Wilcox dovetail mounts. Independent pod flipping allows for single or dual eye configuration based on tactical needs, enhancing combat efficiency.

Thermal Imager Compatibility: Pods are compatible with Clip-on Thermal Imagers such as E-COTI and Jerry-C, enabling thermal fusion functions.

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