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APNVG (ARGUS Panoramic Night Vision Goggle)

APNVG (ARGUS Panoramic Night Vision Goggle)

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Introducing the ARGUS Panoramic Night Vision Goggle (APNVG), a state-of-the-art device designed to exceed the highest expectations. Through meticulous design, testing, and refinement, ARGUS has crafted a panoramic night vision device that expands the user's field of view (FOV) from the typical 40 degrees to an impressive 100 degrees, without compromising resolution or collimation.

The APNVG utilizes four image intensifier tubes to achieve this expanded FOV. The two forward-facing apertures provide depth perception and stereoscopic vision, while the side apertures offer additional peripheral views, seamlessly merging three circular images for a comprehensive visual experience.

Each APNVG is expertly assembled and calibrated by ARGUS technicians using certified Hoffman Engineering ANV-126A devices and custom panoramic collimation adapters. Manufactured in a dust-free environment, the units undergo rigorous vacuum testing and nitrogen purging to ensure waterproof integrity. Hand-picked tubes are installed to guarantee image evenness and seamless merging.

Powered by an external battery pack through a Fischer port, the APNVG includes an ARGUS Universal Strobe Battery Pack (USBP) with every combo set. Experience unparalleled situational awareness and operational effectiveness with the ARGUS Panoramic Night Vision Goggle.

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Field of View (FOV): 100° for increased situational awareness

Waterproofing: 2 meters for 30+ minutes

Compatibility: L3 Harris, Elbit, Photonis, NNVT, Katod, and Ekran Image Intensifier Tubes


Adjustable Diopter: Customizable by the builder

Adjustable Collimation Design: Allows for precise collimation adjustments

Fast Assembly: Quick assembly with modular lens components

Flip-up Power Off: Automatically powers off when flipped up

High Resolution Lenses: Provides clear and sharp images

Merged Aspherical Eyepieces: Seamlessly combines images for a unified view

Fully Collimating Lens System: Ensures all optical elements are properly aligned

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All Included

  • 1x APNVG
  • 1x Argus Universal Strobe Battery Pack
  • 1x BVND Double Fischer Head Cable
  • 1x APNVG Hard Carrying Case
  • 4x High Light Filters

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